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This Draft for Public Comment contains a proposed National Foreword to I.S. EN 62305-2:2006, together with a series of proposed informative National Annexes NB, NC, NH and NK. These Annexes provide appropriate Irish interpretations drawn up by ETCI LRATF to facilitate the design of lightning protection systems in Ireland.

Enquiry Period:
 01 June 2010 to 31 July 2010

This Draft for Public Comment should be read in conjunction with I.S. EN 62305-2:2006. Copies of I.S. EN 62305-2:2006 (together with associated normative reference standards I.S. EN 62305-1:2006, I.S. EN 62305-3:2006 and I.S. EN 62305-4:2006) may be purchased from

Readers are warned that this Draft is subject to ongoing development and change.
Comments on the Draft for Public Comment should be sent during the enquiry period noted above to, using the comment template form.  The template form should not be reformatted in any way (e.g. by deleting or adding columns or merging cells).
  A copy of the comment template may be downloaded from the following NSAI webpage: