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The standard, CEN prEN 17436: Cabin Air Quality on civil aircraft - Chemical Agents has been recently released by the European Technical Committee,  CEN/TC436 and is available on the NSAI website.

This draft standard defines requirements and recommendations dealing with the quality of the air on civil aircraft concerning chemical compounds potentially originating from, but not limited, to, the ventilation air supplied to the cabin and flight deck.

A special emphasis is on the engine and APU bleed air contaminants potentially brought into the cabin through the air conditioning, pressurization and ventilation systems.

This draft standard sets out requirements and recommendations and supporting annexes to enable operators to eliminate and mitigate exposure to contaminants in the cabin air, including a special emphasis on the bleed air contaminants sourced to engine oil and hydraulic fluid.

This standard is available for commenting on currently and we encourage you to review and advise NSAI if you have any observations on the content of the standard.

You can submit your  comment on the draft document through the NSAI website  “Your Standards, Your Say” portal.

The closing date for submissions is the 15th of November 2019. Should you wish to speak to a representative from NSAI in relation to this matter please contact Elizabeth O'Ferrall, NSAI’s Standards division at (01) 807 3855.