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Intellectual Property (IP) can be daunting for many Irish SMEs. They may not be able to identify the IP in different areas of their business, let alone know how to create and implement a successful IP strategy.

ISO 56005 is a new guidance framework for SMEs to effectively manage the IP that supports and protects their innovation. Forming part of the ISO 56000 Innovation Series of Guidance Standards developed by the world’s leading IP experts, this document will be a valuable resource and practical tool for Irish companies navigating through the world of Intellectual Property management.

This webinar will show how IP strategy, a typical pain point for innovators, can now be streamlined thanks to this new Standard. 

The related reference slides provide a brief overview of the entire ISO 56000 Series (including ISO 56005 on IP Management); how the series was developed; its use as a guidance framework for systematic innovation management & performance for SMEs; and the use of the ISO 56000 series as an innovation platform in support of various national innovation initiatives, and in support of the global digital & green transformations. The slides also include links to two standards collections of published standards in the ISO 56000 series.

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