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The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) calls for experts in Ireland to participate standardisation in the area of hydrogen quality needs of industrial users.

Hydrogen is expected to play a part in the decarbonisation of sectors where electrification is not an option, including today’s energy-intensive industries and certain heavy-duty transport sectors.

The focus of this current call for experts is on existing industrial users (including power generation) connected to gas infrastructure (i.e. TSO, DSO) and the impact on their processes if hydrogen is used for combustion in the future.

Areas of international interest include:

  • Assessment of the supply needs of various industrial users, the impact of processes on impurities, the impact of quality parameters (e.g. Wobbe Index)
  • Identifying relevant industries and sub-categories of industrial users
  • Identification of hydrogen quality needs in the industrial processes (H2-concentration, impurities)
  • Assessment of the impact of impurities (based on hydrogen production)
  • Identification of relevance of other H2 quality parameters

Given that standardisation is a stakeholder-driven process, it is important to ensure a continuous dialogue with all interested parties, experts, and users.

Current benefits of getting involved with NSAI include:

  • Ensure your organisation is kept informed and is represented during stakeholder engagement and knowledge exchange
  • Opportunities to collaborate with industry experts and policymakers in your sector
  • Opportunities to represent NSAI at international working groups

There are several ways to participate in standardisation with varying levels of engagement, which are considered and agreed upon as new experts are welcomed into the standards community.  All participation is on a voluntary basis 

Get involved in this very important standard development work and register your interest online through the link below: 

Register Your Interest Here | NSAI

For further information on the above, you can contact Ms. Niamh Conroy ( Hydrogen Standardisation Expert at NSAI ) at Click here for information on the progress to date in the area of Hydrogen standardisation.