Assured Confidence

Mission Statement


A dynamic organization using measures and standards to benefit society and give Irish enterprise a global advantage.


NSAI enables innovation, promotes trade, facilitates fair competition and protects consumers through measurement accuracy and the development, promotion and application of standards. 


NSAI serves the nation as an independent and impartial advocate of rigorous standards in all aspects of business practice and consumer protection. NSAI manage one of the State’s largest networks of technical experts and facilitators, proudly pulling together for the common good.

In line with their beliefs, NSAI make every effort to instil a justified confidence in their role and diverse services. At NSAI that confidence is generated by constantly upholding and striving to practice the six defined organisational values.

  • NSAI recognise the importance, and encourage the continuous honing, of our technical expertise to ensure we are always abreast of developments.
  • NSAI ensures a consistent and positive approach in our work through the dedication and enthusiasm of our staff.
  • NSAI protects its impartiality which guarantees no predisposition in our work or in our dealings with business and public alike.
  • NSAI respects its customers and demonstrates an engaging and respectful approach always.
  • NSAI sees pride in our work as a byword for excellence with each of us responsible for the highest of standards.
  • NSAI values thoroughness in all our work which has to stand the test of time and take into account all known variables.
News & Events

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UN World Water Day 2017

Water is one of the world’s most essential commodities – and the most precious. Find out how standards can help lead to a more sustainable future  Learn more...

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