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NSAI Standards

NSAI develops and publishes Irish Standards, European Standards and International Standards with the aim of improving the quality, the design, the performance, the safety and the environmental impact of goods and services produced and sold in Ireland.

In Ireland and internationally, our standards are recognized as a badge of excellence. They have become an integral part of private and public purchasing and procurement specifications. Learn more about Standards.

Structure of Standards Division

2014 NSAI Standards structure View Structure of Standards Division (pdf)

How standards are devised

In practice, NSAI formulates standards through consultation with our extensive network of contacts, which include:
  • Consumer groups
  • Environmental organizations
  • Businesses
  • Government agencies.
To achieve consensus among the various interested parties, we have established a range of consultative and advisory committees.

Keeping you informed

NSAI offers a subscription-based Standards Information Service with useful benefits. You can also buy standards through the NSAI Standards Sales.

Standards and EU Directives

The European Commission has introduced an extensive range of EU Directives aimed at removing technical barriers to trade. In Ireland, NSAI is the government-appointed notified body responsible for overseeing many of the requirements of these EU Directives.

A substantial number of Irish and European Standards are geared towards helping organizations comply with the EU Directives.
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