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NSAI is the Irish Approval Authority for both the EC and UN-ECE Motor Vehicle Type Approval Schemes.

European (EC) Type Approval

Technical harmonisation in the EU is based on the Whole Vehicle Type-Approval System (WVTA). Under the WVTA, a manufacturer can obtain certification for a vehicle type in one EU country and then market it EU-wide without the need for further tests. This system significantly contributes to the completion of single market in automotive products.

Emission Approvals

EU Regulation (EU) 2017/1151 in it's most recent form (EU) 2018/1832 introduced the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) into the EU motor vehicle type-approval process for Light Duty Vehicles (LDV). It also introduced new and additional requirements called In-Service Conformity (ISC) testing for the Granting Type-Approval Authorities (GTAA) to preform on a selection of vehicles for which it has granted emissions approvals. The GTAA must select vehicles in service with a minimum of 15,000km on the odometer (See Annex II of this legislation for the full list of vehicle selection criteria), and carry out the ISC tests designed to establish that the vehicles continue to comply with the emission limits from when they were first approved. The GTAA is obliged to publish an annual report with the results of their in-service conformity checks.


UN-ECE Type Approval

An International Type-Approval scheme exists, known as UN-ECE approval. The Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) is one of four regional economic commissions set up by the United Nations and not limited to the EU. In 1958, various ECE countries signed an agreement in Geneva, which set out the framework for the adoption of uniform conditions of approval and for reciprocal recognition of approval in respect of motor vehicle equipment and parts. Signatories to this agreement are known as ECE Contracting Parties. ECE Contracting Parties include all European States and the Agreement remains open for additional signatures. Ireland has signed up to this agreement and NSAI can offer ECE type-approvals.

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We are not a test laboratory and consequently not a Technical Service either. We operate these schemes through test laboratories we have appointed as Technical Services.The approvals we grant are based on the testing carried out by our appointed technical services along with the necessary product information from the manufacturers and also the verification of established, and suitable, Quality Systems by the manufacturer. Where a manufacturer is not ISO certified an NSAI Verification Assessment needs to be carried out.

If you wish to obtain an approval from NSAI you will need to have your product/s tested with one of NSAI's appointed Technical services. We only accept applications directly from NSAI appointed Technical Services. You should contact the Technical Services directly in relation to testing and costs involved. Please note that NSAI do not deal directly with manufacturers, all applications, queries, billing etc., is dealt with by the Technical Service.

Please use the following link to the Europa website(EU) for the NSAI appointed technical services

Please use the following link to the UNECE website for the NSAI appointed technical services:

NSAI’s procedure for the appointment of a Technical Service is as follows:

  •  Laboratory must be accredited to ISO17025 or ISO17020, the accreditation body must be a signatory to European Accreditation (EA).
  •  An audit of your facility, by NSAI and if possible to witness a test being carried out. The cost of this audit will be at the expense of the laboratory. We can provide a detailed quotation for this which will need to be signed and returned to NSAI prior to scheduling the audit.
  •  On foot of successful audit, laboratory enters into a “Basic Agreement” with NSAI.
  • On receipt of fully signed Basic Agreement, notification of the UN and ECE Commission of the appointment, with the request to the Commission to update their website with the newly appointed laboratory details.

**Application form for designation as an NSAI Technical Service**

M, N, and O category vehicles and their components must comply with the requ irements as set out in 2007/46/EC

L category vehicles and their components must comply with the requirements as set out in 168/2013/EC 

T, C, R, and S category vehicles and their components must comply with the requirements as set out in 167/2013/EC

Non-Road Mobile Machinery must comply with the requirements as set out in 2016/1826/EC

Please use the following link to the UNECE website for the complete list of current automotive regulations.

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