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Measurement at NSAI is split across two divisions within NSAI:
Legal Metrology Service (LMS) and National Metrology Laboratory (NML)

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World Metrology Day Press Release

During World Metrology Day more than eighty States celebrate the impact of measurement on our daily life, no part of which is untouched by this essential, and largely hidden, aspect of modern society. Previous themes have included topics such as measurements in sport, the environment, medicine, and trade. The 2010 theme concentrates on how measurement influences science and stimulates innovation. As the world strives to move on from its recent financial problems, and as Governments work to regenerate economies, we shall find that science and technology are the engines of economic growth and prosperity. These, in turn, rely on being able to measure correctly and to refer measurements to the same international reference standards. A world without accurate measurement is a world where science, technology, trade and society can’t communicate and where error and uncertainty would reign supreme.


National systems of measurement wherever they are, must, therefore, all rely on agreed standards and units as well as agreed techniques to make consistent, reproducible and accurate measurements. Each national system is linked into a world-wide network of national measurement standards and laboratories coordinated by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. This network gives society access to accurate measurement in order to meet today’s challenges in healthcare, within the environment and in all the new technologies. In industry and commerce, it helps ensure product quality, to eliminate waste and to raise productivity and trade based on agreed measurements and tests. It also enables scientists to use a common language to underpin their collaboration across the world and ensure that their exploits can be taken up by companies where ever they operate.


This year, in his message to the world of metrology, Governments, companies, academics - and the man in the street - the Director of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures highlights the role played by precise measurement. He challenges measurement scientists to be more active in promoting the topic among decision makers, as well as with young people, pointing out the value of accurate and reliable measurement to their daily tasks and to the world as it deals with today’s Grand Challenges. Where would we be without it?


The Director’s address, as well as the posters and other material can be found at the dedicated web site;