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On the 16th of December 2019 the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment published Ireland's Industry 4.0 Strategy 2020-2025. This Industry 4.0 strategy is a key output of Future Jobs Ireland, the government's new economic pathway to ensure that Ireland is well placed to prosper in a rapidly changing global economy.

The National Standards Authority of Ireland contributed to Ireland’s Industry 4.0 Strategy that is supporting the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector and its supply chain. This strategy sets out a clear vision and goals for Industry 4.0 in Ireland and the strategic actions that will help to achieve this. 

NSAI is supporting these strategic actions by raising awareness and understanding amongst manufacturing firms and their supply chains of the concept of Industry 4.0, the potential business benefits and opportunities to be derived from engaging in Industry 4.0 activities.

All these areas and more are addressed through its published Sectoral Study of Standards in Manufacturing which links standards as one of the key drivers for this innovation, making yesterday’s impossibilities tomorrow’s reality.


View the Sectoral Study of Standards in Manufacturing