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NSAI has now published Standard Recommendation (S.R.) 18:2021 which provides recommendations in Ireland for the application of I.S. EN 13139:2002, “Aggregates for mortar.”  The Standard Recommendation a revision to S.R. 18:2006.

S.R. 18:2021 has been prepared under the direction of the Aggregates Panel of the NSAI’s Roads Standards Consultative Committee in conjunction with the Masonry Panel of the NSAI’s Concrete Standards Consultative Committee. 

Intended S.R. 18:2021 users include aggregate manufacturers, professional geologists, specifiers, consultants, engineers, architects, and providers of testing services for aggregates.

I.S. EN 13139:2002 is the framework standard which is used when specifying or declaring requirements for aggregates used to make mortar. It specifies the properties of aggregates obtained by processing natural, manufactured or recycled materials and mixtures of these aggregates for use in mortar for buildings, roads and civil engineering works.

S.R.18:2021 provides guidance only for natural aggregates used to make masonry mortar, plastering/rendering and floor screeds in Ireland. It does not include guidance on the use of manufactured or recycled aggregates or for special bedding materials, repair mortar or grouts.

S.R. 18:2021 is intended to be used in conjunction with I.S. EN 13139:2002. 

The following main revisions have been made to S.R. 18:2021:

  • AVCP 2+
    S.R. 18:2021 recommends that in Ireland the system of Assessment of Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP)  for all aggregates under the scope of I.S. EN 13139:2002 and S.R. 18:2021  is System 2+.   This recommendation applies from 1st January 2022 to facilitate transition to the AVCP 2+ system for manufacturers.

    S.R. 18:2006 and S.R. 18:2021 will co-exist until 1st January 2022 then S.R. 18:2006 will be withdrawn. 

  • Geological and petrographical assessments
    Inclusion of comprehensive guidance on the geological and petrographic assessments of the raw material (i.e. quarry deposit) and finished product to determine if aggregates used for the manufacture of mortar products are fit for purpose and if deleterious materials are present in such form or quantity that may affect end use and performance.

  • Statement of compliance
    Provision of a statement of compliance by the Competent Person (Professional Geologist) for the suitability of the material for the proposed end use.

  • Values/categories and test frequencies for properties
    Extensive revisions to recommendations provided for  values/categories and test frequencies for properties for natural aggregates used for masonry mortars, plastering/rendering and floor screeds in Ireland, (in Annex A).

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