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NSAI is hosting a public consultation for draft ISO/DIS 32210 Sustainable finance — Principles and guidance

Public consultation period: From 14th Jan 2022 to the 11th March 2022, inclusive. 


This document provides guidance to organizations in the financial sector regarding the application of overarching sustainability principles, practices and terminology, for investment and financing activities.

The document addresses what is material from the perspective of the organization and of its stakeholders. Organizations using this document will be able to demonstrate alignment with sustainability principles, guidance and practices, and internal governance provided in this document through their actions, including stakeholder engagement, reporting and disclosures.

This document is intended for all organizations active in the financial sector, including but not limited to direct lenders and investors, asset managers and associated service providers.

Beyond financial institutions and intermediaries, this document can be used by other parties active in the financial sector as providers, recipients, or regulators of sustainable finance, such as governmental organizations (e.g. governments, local authorities, etc.), public and private sector business organizations (e.g. companies), investors, industry associations, financial market regulators and supervisory and control bodies.




1 Scope

2 Normative references

3 Terms and definitions

4 Sustainable finance principles

4.1 General

4.2 Governance and culture

4.3 Strategy alignment and objectives

4.4 Risk and opportunity management and impact

4.5 Stakeholder engagement

4.6 Monitoring and measuring

4.7 Reporting, transparency and assurance

4.8 Continual improvement and enhancing ambition

5 Sustainable finance – implementation

5.1 General

5.2 Governance and culture

5.2.1 Board accountability

5.2.2 Systematic review

5.2.3 Internal performance management and compensation

5.3 Strategy alignment and objectives

5.3.1 General

5.3.2 Sustainability statement or policy

5.3.3 Benchmarking and gap analysis

5.3.4 Transition plan and strategy implementation plan

5.3.5 Development of new products and services

5.4 Risk and opportunity management and impact assessment

5.4.1 General

5.4.2 Organizational-level risk evaluation and impact assessment

5.4.3 Client, asset and portfolio-level risk and impact assessment

5.4.4 Scenario analysis

5.4.5 Alignment with other principles

5.5 Stakeholder engagement

5.6 Monitoring and measuring

5.6.1 Asset management plan (for real assets)

5.7 Reporting, transparency and assurance

5.8 Continual improvement and enhancing ambition


Drafting committee: ISO/TC 322 Sustainable Finance

How to have your say:

All interested parties are invited to view and comment on the draft ISO/DIS 32210 Sustainable finance — Principles and guidance through the NSAI “Your Standards Your Say” (YSYS) forum.


Find out how to use Your Standards, Your Say by watching a step-by-step video example below.

For wider information on the work of ISO/TC 322 Sustainable Finance see its dedicated website below.

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