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ISO/IEC JTC 2011 Plenary meeting

ISO/IEC JTC 1 Plenary took place on 7-12 November 2011 in sunny San Diego, Ca, USA.  On behalf of ANSI, Ms. Frances Schrotter welcomed the 137 representatives from ISO/IEC National Bodies (22 in attendance) and Liaison Organizations.  The meeting was chaired by Karen Higginbottom, who welcomed Henry Cuschieri as the new ISO Central Secretariat representative.  The meeting took a minute of silence in remembrance of Mike Smith, who for many years provided friendly support and wise advice to the Committee.

During this meeting, prompted by previous work on Energy Efficiency of Data Centers and Green by IT, JTC 1 took the decision to create SC39, “Sustainability of and by IT”, with the US offering the Secretariat of the Subcommittee.  JTC 1 congratulated its SC38 on Distributed Application Platforms and Services, for the finalization of its Study Group Report on Cloud Computing.  Other JTC 1 achievements included approval of Incubator Operational Principles for a one-year pilot project, which may result in two Incubator Groups being created (Digital Preservation and Wireless Power Transfer/Application for ICT).  JTC 1 also extended the term of its Ad-hoc Groups on Structure and on Enabling Tools, and directed the work of its Special Working Group on Smart Grid for the coming year.

JTC 1 has further refined its tools and operational processes by setting up an online calendar of all its meetings, streamlining its procedures and improving their communication, reaffirmed its policies, and emphasized publication opportunities, with the full support of the ISO and IEC Central Secretariats.  JTC 1  extended the scope of several of its subcommittees to allow them to respond to technology developments, in particular in the area of Augmented Reality.   It also encouraged its Subcommittees to take up new work and its Special Working Group on Planning to explore new areas.

JTC 1 gratefully received reports from representatives of its Liaison Organizations including ITU-T, IEC/TC100, ISO/TC215, Ecma International and IEEE, and PAS Submitters (DMTF, OASIS, OMG, SNIA, TCG, The Open Group, W3C and the UPnP Forum).  It noted with significant interest the excellent collaborative process which has led to more than twenty Publicly Available Specifications approved last year as ISO/IEC Standards from these Submitters.

The meeting concluded thanking ANSI for their excellent hosting, wishing Michael Breidthardt (Germany HoD and SWG on Planning Convenor) a happy retirement, and congratulating Ms. Karen Higginbottom on her appointment for a second 3-year term as JTC 1 Chairman.

The next ISO/IEC JTC 1 Plenary meeting will take place in Jeju, Korea on 5-10 November 2012.

ISO/IEC JTC 1 is participated in through NSAI's ICT Standards Consultative Committee; further details are available from Dr. Ian Cowan at NSAI