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ISO TC307 Blockchain and DLT - is currently drafting a technical report and collecting relevant case studies that exemplify good DLT practices, and giving consideration to DLT data flow analysis as a methodology that supports innovation and knowledge sharing practices.

The committee would love to offer Irish blockchain companies the opportunity to highlight exemplary case studies of critical importance. 

Current case study topics include: DLT and IOT at the Edge; Secure cross-chain bridge architecture; DLT infrastructure to support multi-party eCommerce logistics and supply; NFTs and records of permanence and Reputation in earth observed impact assessment.

The committee would like to help make visible the current stage of blockchain adoption in Ireland. This promotes the relevance of the technology to indigenous industry and boosts your own approach to the technology, amplifying relevance and potential of your business. 

NSAI Committee member Fiona Delaney, co-editor of ISO TR6277 describes the benefits to a young company of engaging in open standards development as "a means to accelerate adoption of your tech, facilitate a global market discovery and receive valuable expert validation of your services on a global stage."

Fiona Delaney is CEO at Origin Chain Networks, winners of the National Innovation Award, 2020 (NSAI) and EU Standards+Innovation Award, 2020 (CENLEC) for their contribution to emerging standards in agriculture and technology. Origin Chain Networks are the project lead at Next Generation Internet TRUBLO CFC, 

If you are an Irish blockchain company looking to highlight an exemplary case study, please contact