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Standards are a Vital Ingredient for Irish Business as the Economy Indicates a Return to Growth

NSAI Annual Report Highlights 2013 Achievements

  • Publication of 1,460 new standards, including standards to address areas such as pyrites, accessibility and competitiveness
  • Certification schemes introduced for vehicle type approvals, forestry management and construction products
  • Inspection of over 16,000 measuring instruments used for trade in sectors such as the taxi industry, forecourt fuel dispensers (fuel pumps) and retail.
  Standards are a vital ingredient for Irish businesses as the economy indicates a return to growth. said NSAI today as it announced its annual results for 2013.  The annual report highlights achievements in areas such as standards, conformity assessment and metrology.

“An export-led recovery will only thrive if Irish companies can access international markets on a level footing and if customers around the world have confidence in the quality of Irish products and services. By creating and promoting national and international standards, and providing market intelligence through our standards network, we are focused on making this happen,” said Maurice Buckley, CEO, NSAI.

“Last year, over 1,140 businesses and individuals participated in the standardization process. NSAI published 1,460 new standards, bringing our library to over 25,000. We believe that the benefits of participation in standards should not be underestimated by Irish businesses and we’re encouraging companies to become involved,” continued Mr Buckley.

The work of NSAI ensures that Irish businesses have access to a trade infrastructure that facilitates the creation of jobs and competitive advantages. In 2013 NSAI created new opportunities and provided useful services for Irish businesses including:
  • Providing a dedicated ‘Your Standards, Your Say’ SME portal to encourage businesses to participate in the standardization process
  • Introduction of the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
  • The introduction of new standards including LEAN methodology, pyrite remediation, universal design for communications within the tourism industry, and emergency lighting
  • Approving over 7,000 automotive type approvals
  • Inspecting 16,000 measuring instruments used in trade
  • Issuing 4,500 measurement calibration certificates 

Ged Nash, T.D, Minister for Business and Employment at the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation said:  “I welcome the NSAI’s annual report which details their achievements during 2013.  I am delighted that NSAI has delivered extensively against its Strategic Plan and under the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs, where it delivered all 13 commitments for 2013.  In my new role I am looking forward to working closely with the NSAI to continue to improve the performance of Irish business. The NSAI plays a vital role in the economy as it engages with businesses across almost all sectors of economic activity with services that facilitate trade, drive efficiencies, improves competitiveness and protects the consumer.”

Commenting on the annual results, NSAI Chairman Julie O’Neill said:  “We have found that Irish businesses continued to recognise the importance of correctly applying the right standards during the last difficult years and definitely see standards as an important advantage as they plan to capitalise on the emerging economic recovery. A survey during the year showed that four out of five Irish companies see the benefits of standards and are investing in them for a competitive edge.  Looking forward to 2014, I am confident that we are well positioned to support Irish industry as it endeavours to capitalise on the opportunity for growth and operate at the highest standards on national and international stages.”

Key achievements in 2013 include:


  • Over 1,140 industry participants in the standardization process
  • 1,460 new standards published
  • 10,000 standards sold
  • NSAI library of standards now exceeds 25,000
  • The publication of Irish standards addressing pyrite remediation, competitiveness, accessibility and emergency lighting

Conformity Assessment

  • Issued 1,300 certificates in 30 countries 
  • Issued 177 new ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certificates  
  • Provided a fully accredited certification service across 7 leading management and quality standards 
  • Launched the Certification Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) scheme
  • Conducted 400 Manufacturer and Contractor Audits in the construction sector


  • Visited 5,400 traders 
  • Targeted risk-based inspections in Liquid Fuel Dispensers, Taximeters, Weighbridges; Retail Weighing and Oil Meters
  • Delivered 40,000 verifications over 6 sectors through third party verifiers 
  • Launched a proficiency testing scheme to benchmark capabilities of accredited laboratories

The effects of standards touch every part of people’s lives.  Most of the goods and services we buy are designed, tested and measured against rigorous standards to ensure that we can have confidence in the products we use, from a child car seat to the accurate measure of a litre of fuel.  To remain competitive, Irish businesses must operate to the highest standards – those who buy Irish products and services not only within the domestic market but also in Europe and internationally expect nothing less. Increasingly, certification to standards is becoming the expected norm for international trade and for inward investment. 

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