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The current version of the NSAI SWiFT 7:2015 document 'Verification of environmental parameters of certain solid fuel supplied to the residential market in Ireland' supports the requirements set out under the Air Pollution Act 1987 (as amended by S.I. 326 of 2012 Air Pollution Act (Marketing, Sale, Distribution, and Burning of Specified Fuel) regulations 2012).

New solid fuel regulations for Ireland are being developed by the Department of the Environment, Climate, and Communications which will set minimum standards for all solid fuels, and as such this will have implications for the existing SWiFT 7:2015.

In light of the new solid fuel regulations, a revision to the existing SWiFT 7 Standard is planned given that the new regulations will move beyond the current standards requirements. The new regulations will also apply to all solid fuels (peat/wood/coal/other manufactured fuels) and this will need to be incorporated into the new standard.

NSAI have initiated procedures required to prepare this new standard which will better align with the new regulations. In the interests of ensuring broad stakeholder representation and balance of interested parties, we are looking for input from those organisations previously represented as well as private/public, economical/societal, and environmental interests with the necessary technical expertise arising from the standardization work to participate and join the National Technical Committee that will be responsible for developing the content of the new standard.

If your organisation would like to contribute to the development of the new Standard please contact Kieran Cox at or register your interest on the NSAI website before 5pm on February 5th 2022.