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ISO – the International Organisation for Standardisation - launched three transformative standards (ISO 59004, ISO 59010, and ISO 59020) to guide a shift towards a circular economy. These standards provide a roadmap to sustainable business practices and a resilient global economy.

The suite of circular economy standards from ISO helps guide organisations of all types and sizes in the shift towards a circular economy model that emphasises the sustainable management and renewal of natural resources.

  • The transition to a more sustainable use of resources is facilitated by ISO 59004, which establishes the principles of a circular economy, provides guidance for its implementation and defines key terminology.
  • Organisations seeking to replace their traditional linear business model with a circular one can find guidance in ISO 59010, enabling them to contribute to sustainable business practices and a resilient global economy.
  • Measuring and assessing circularity performance using the framework specified in ISO 59020 allows organisations to minimise resource use and drive sustainable development.

These standards provide a common understanding of vocabulary, principles, implementation, business models, value networks, measurement and assessment – all that is needed to act now.

75 national standards bodies from across the globe, including many developing countries, actively participate in ISO/TC 323, the technical committee for circular economy which produced these standards.  NSAI participates in ISO/TC 323 and technical experts from Ireland are active members of the associated working groups.

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