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ISO DIS 9001 – Quality management systems - Requirements

The most recent draft of the next revision to ISO 9001 is available for free on the NSAI draft commenting portal Your Standard Your Say but the closing date is fast approaching.  This is the only public comment opportunity for the next revision of the most widely used standard. Users of the standard and those with an interest in Quality Management Standards should review and submit comments in order to provide input for the Final Draft or FDIS 

The closing date for accessing the recent draft and submitting comments is September 10th 2015.  After this there will be no further opportunity to comment or access the draft of this standard.   

The FDIS is planned for a final ballot mid 2015 with the final publication of ISO 9001 expected before the end of 2015.

To review the Draft ISO DIS 9001, create an account and login at:

  • Registration instructions are emailed on how to activate and login to your new account.
  • The email will confirm that your new account has been created.
  • To log in to your new account you will be asked to click on the activation link provided and then enter your email and password.


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NSAI Seminars

NSAI ran a series of seminars presenting the changes to ISO DIS 9001 Roadshows. ISO 9001 Seminar handouts.

NSAI will hold a number of seminars on ISO DIS 14001 in October. ISO 14001 Seminar details.





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