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NSAI Legal Metrology are delighted to announce that from the 1st April 2020, the current paper based green TTI form will be replaced with a new internet based online TTI form. This new on-line form has been designed with the user in mind and is clear and easy to use. On completion of the on-line TTI form by the installer, the data is sent to NSAI Legal Metrology, an electronic copy of the form will be forwarded to the installer by e-mail, while the taximeter owner/operator will also receive an e-mail in relation to the verification booking process.

This new online form is GDPR compliant, delivers improved records management for installers, notifies the taximeter owner/operator of their legal obligations regarding taximeter verification, while also improving environmental sustainability.

From the 1st April, taxi owners/operators will no longer receive a green paper TTI form from their installer at the time of repair, alteration or adjustment of their taximeter. From this date, on completion of a repair, alteration or adjustment of a taximeter, an installer will complete an online form which will be forwarded to NSAI Legal Metrology. All technical information related to your taximeter will be forwarded by NSAI Legal Metrology to Applus in advance of your verification. Your personal data will not be shared with our Authorised Verifier.