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  A meeting of a Working Group of the CEN Workshop on eInvoicing will take place in Dublin on 18th and 19th July and will focus on finalizing a document on electronic invoice processes in Europe and enablement of SMEs to use them efficiently.  It will identify hurdles that are of technical, legal, organizational (scenarios and tools, procedures and best practice), lack of standards or awareness nature.  The recommendations will be at conceptual level and will be used as basis for further elaboration by the national eInvoicing forums or sectoral associations across the EU.  An update will be posted on the NSAI website following the meeting.

Reaping the benefits of electronic invoicing for Europe 

  • European Commission Communication document

The general objective of the eInvoicing workshop is to stimulate the use of electronic invoices in Europe, with a view to supporting:

  • the compliance of electronic invoice implementations to Council Directive 2001/115/EC and the resultant national legislation.
  • the effective implementation of compliant electronic invoice systems in using emerging technologies and business processes, in business-to-business as well as in business-to-government scenarios; and the emerging network infrastructure of invoice operators throughout Europe.


A national eInvoicing Forum has been established to:

  • promote eInvoicing at a national level 
  • coordinate existing and forthcoming initiatives to promote the uptake of eInvoicing and 
  • monitor and set targets for the adoption of eInvoicing.


Vision Statement of the Forum

Gain strategic advantage for Ireland by facilitating the quick adoption of new innovative business documentation systems. Invoicing systems must deliver business efficiencies through end-to-end automations that permit straight-through processing and reduce costly errors and manual processes while improving productivity.


Goal of the Forum

Make it easy to enable SMEs to participate easily in electronic Invoicing (e-Invoicing) systems -
everyone benefits from this.


Standardization participation is being facilitated through NSAI's ICT Standards Consultative Committee and its Subcommittee 12 on eInvoicing. 




Dr. Ian J. Cowan   
Senior Standards Officer                       
Direct Tel +353 1 807 3876                 
Email Dr. Ian Cowan                     
Edmund Gray

Chief Technology Architect
Direct Tel +353 71 918 5062
Email Edmund Gray

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