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Design standards for our built environment

I.S. EN 17210:2021 along with the S.R. CEN/TRs are the first European suite of standards to inform those that design, procure and build environments for both private and public settings that are inclusive, sustainable, and meet policy and legislation requirements.

I.S. EN 17210:2021 sets out functional requirements for the accessibility and usability of the built environment. The standard follows Universal Design principles to facilitate equitable and safe use for a wide range of users, including persons with disabilities.

The functional accessibility and usability requirements and recommendations described in this standard and its Technical reports (S.R. CEN/TRs) are relevant to the design, construction, refurbishment, adaptation, and maintenance of built environments including outdoor pedestrian and urban areas. ISO 21542:2021 provides further information to support these 3 European documents.

  • I.S. EN 17210:2021&LC:2021 :Accessibility and usability of the built environment - Functional requirement
  • S.R. CEN/TR 17621:2021 : Accessibility and usability of the built environment - Technical performance criteria and specifications
  • S.R. CEN/TR 17622:2021 :Accessibility and usability of the built environment - Conformity assessment
  • ISO 21542:2021 :Building construction — Accessibility and usability of the built environment

Given their importance, NSAI are providing them at a reduced cost :

I.S. EN 17210 Collection 1:2021

Collection 1 contains I.S. EN 17210:2021, S.R. CEN/TR 17621:2021, S.R. CEN/TR 17622:2021 & ISO 21542:2021 [€300 (discount of 60%)]

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I.S. EN 17210 Collection 2:2021

Collection 2 contains I.S. EN 17210:2021 & S.R. CEN/ 17621:2021 [€175 (discount of 60%)]

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You can find out about NSAI's webinar on emerging opportunities in design standards for our built environment here.