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In the current economic environment NSAI recognises the importance of innovation in the sustainability and survival of an organisation.  There is a need to foster and generate drivers of innovation in Ireland today and standards have a role to play here.  NSAI has already developed a National Workshop Agreement - NWA1:2009 – Guide to good practice in innovation and product development processes.


CEN, the European standard development body, has also recognised the importance of Innovation management and the role standardization can play to support a culture of innovation across Europe.  To this end it has recently established a new Technical Committee, CEN TC 389 – Innovation Management.   The defined scope of the CEN committee is:
The standardisation of tools, methods, approaches, processes that allow companies and organizations to establish and develop their innovation management systems. 


NSAI has established a new standards consultative committee, NSAI IMSCC to advise NSAI in regard to developments in standardization in innovation management including national, European and international developments.  We are calling for suitably qualified and experienced experts to participate in the work of this committee. 


For more information on the work of the committee and on Innovation management standard developments please contact: 


Ms. Linda Hendy,
NSAI IMSCC Technical Secretary, 

Ph:      +353 1 807 3867

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