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A selection of ADAPT ELITE-S Fellows visited the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) HQ last week to discuss collaboration and generating real impact on standardisation across a host of industries.

The ELITE-S postdoctoral fellowship is a Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Action based at the ADAPT Centre in Dublin City University, focusing on technology and standards development in 5 EU priority areas: 5G, Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Cybersecurity and Data technologies. 

This is an obvious area for collaboration with the NSAI, thanks to our work to inspire consumer confidence through standards and the creation of an infrastructure that makes products and services recognisable and reliable. The meeting introduced the NSAI to the ELITE-S fellows, examining some of the specific use cases for standardisation in Ireland, including AI standards, IT governance, and a discussion session on how NSAI and ELITE-S projects can be supported by standards.

Five ELITE-S fellows presented an insight into the type of research done in the programme: Subhashis Das (DCU), Mansoor Ahmed (MU), Bruno Andrade (MTU), Alacardo Barakabitze (DCU) and Jamshella Nazeer (TCD). With projects ranging from utilising Machine Learning to help reduce cattle farm costs and improving cattle health, to utilising emerging technology like Blockchain to provide provenance for GDPR compliance, this meeting was an exciting collaboration between researchers in standardisation knowledge sharing with the authority that applies them.

Meet NSAI and some of our ELITE-S fellows in this video from the day:


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