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TC19 Insulators and Surge Arresters

NSAI ETC TC 19 Insulators and Surge Arresters


Standardization of insulators for high-voltage systems and equipment including bushings, insulators for overhead lines and substations and their couplings, and for high- and low-voltage surge arresters and other surge protective devices, including the choice of arresters to provide adequate protection of the system with satisfactory reliability.
International/European Committees Mirrored (in full or in part)
IEC/TC 36 Insulators
IEC/SC 36A Insulated bushings
IEC/TC 37 Surge arresters
IEC/SC 37A Low-voltage surge protection devices
IEC/SC 37B Specific components for surge arresters and surge protective devices
CLC/TC 36A Insulated bushings
CLC/TC 37A Low-voltage surge protective devices
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