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TC18 Marnine Energy-Wave and Other Water Current Converters

NSAI ETC TC 18 Marine Energy-Wave, Tidal and Other Water Current Converters

NSAI ETC TC18 was set up to mirror the work of IEC TC114 whose scope is to prepare international standards for marine energy conversion systems. Its primary focus will be on conversion of wave, tidal and other water current energy into electrical energy. These standards will also help integrate wave and tidal energy converters into the international marketplace, especially as more and more governments mandate efforts for sustainable energy.
The need for sustainable energy has spurred recent growth in wave and tidal energy systems. Countries all over the world are using the pull of the tides and the rhythm of the waves to generate power. Ireland is renowned for its extensive coastline and it is considered to have one of the largest wave tidal ranges in the world. Marine energy technology has shown so much recent growth that the IEC is enlisting energy experts worldwide to begin developing standards for wave and tidal energy systems. The IEC Technical Committee 114, Marine Energy - Wave and Tidal Energy Converters facilitates the International Energy Agency (IEA) in developing best practices for marine energy. Ireland is a member country of IEA.
International/European Committees Mirrored (in full or in part)
IEC TC114 Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters
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