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ICT Standards Consultative Committee

NSAI ICT Standards Consultative Committee
ICT and telecommunications are the backbone of industry and economic development, but with increased levels of technological reliance there is an equal increased demand for IT security, data security and good knowledge management. Standards can enable organizations achieve legal requirements and implement efficient processes.

With technology advancing at a continually rapid pace, standards also play an important role in removing barriers to trade and allowing the interoperability of technologies.

ICT Standards Consultative Committee Scope

Standardization in the field of information and communications technology

Term of Reference

  • To advise NSAI and Government on matters related to the introduction of information and communications technology standards
  • To review the general operation of European and international information and communications technology standardization programmes and co-ordinate national participation in such programmes.
  • To initiate and co-ordinate industrial participation in European and international technical programmes relating to information and communications technology standardization

Standards we are responsibility for

Some significant ICT standards widely used Include those in the fields of multimedia (e.g. MPEG, JPEG), IC cards ("smart cards"), ICT security, database query and programming languages, character sets, digital media, automatic identification codes, biometrics, and cloud computing.


Participating organizations

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