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Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Standards

The Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Committee is dedicated to standards in new and emerging technologies in manufacturing.  It is made up of Subcommittees that are National Mirror Committees to the ISO and CEN committees developing standards in the area.  As new technologies in manufacturing emerge standards subcommittees will be there to standardize the area.

The members of the subcommittees represent industry, academia and Government.

Our Vision and mission

Working together as 'Ireland Inc' we can influence the development of International Standards in new and emerging advanced manufacturing technologies.


Standards we are responsible for

The Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Committee follows a number of International and European Standards committees.  Click on each subcommittee for more detailed information.


Irish experts have recently attended the ISO/TC 299/WG 3 Industrial Safety of Robots meeting in Milan to influence the revision of ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2.

The Additive Manufacturing Standards Committee had their inaugural meeting at the new IMR facility in Rathcoole.  New members are welcome to join.  Irish experts are travelling to Stockholm in September to attend the Working Group meetings and the Plenary meeting of ISO/TC 261.


Participating organizations

Additive Manufacturing
Robots, cobots and robotics

European and International committee mapping

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Fergal Finn
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