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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm certification

Fire alarms can be a matter of life and death. To effectively protect people and property, they must meet certain basic requirements, which will vary depending on factors such as:
  • The size of the building
  • The type of materials contained within the building
  • The level of detection needed.
NSAI operates a registration scheme based on I.S. 3218:2009 for both commissioners and certifiers of fire alarm systems.

What is I.S. 3218?

The full name of this Irish Standard explains its precise purpose: I.S. 3218:2009 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems for Buildings - System Design, Installation, Servicing and Maintenance

Under the registration scheme, NSAI inspectors assess the operations and procedures carried out by commissioners and certifiers of fire alarm systems.

What is involved in registration?

NSAI inspects a number of installations against the requirements of I.S. 3218. We also visit the applicant company’s office to check that all appropriate records are kept and that an adequate set of tools and test equipment is maintained.
When we are satisfied that the necessary requirements have been met, the application company is registered and receives its NSAI Certificate of Registration.

The benefits of I.S. 3218 registration

By registering, your company will be listed in the Directory of Registered Fire Alarm Companies. The Directory is maintained and regularly updated by NSAI. Only those companies which are compliant with the scheme’s requirements are listed. Regulatory bodies such as fire authorities have access to this Directory.

There are other advantages to be gained by registering to I.S. 3218. For example, registration:
  • Entitles you to use the Irish Standard Mark in connection with installations
  • Improves the credibility of completion certificates from a regulatory standpoint
  • Allows you to issue an NSAI Certificate, quoting your NSAI registration number
  • Promotes a higher level of workmanship
  • Provides independent verification and reassurance to your clients.

Six steps to registration

  • You submit your application
  • NSAI contacts you to arrange a date for an audit
  • Following the audit, we issue a report pinpointing areas that need tightening
  • We agree how to resolve these issues
  • You are NSAI-registered
  • You will continue to receive regular NSAI surveillance audits.
After registration, you can use your official NSAI registration number on completion certificates for all installations.

For further information on certification to I.S. 3218 with NSAI please contact

Buy I.S. 3218
The Standard can be purchased from:

NSAI Standards Sales
T: +353 1 857 6730/31
F: +353 1 857 6729

Orders by post should be made payable to SAI Global (NSAI sales partner) and sent to:

NSAI Standards Postal Sales
Northumberland House,
42/44 Northumberland Road,
Dublin 4, Ireland

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