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Irish Mark of Electrical Conformity

The Irish Mark of Electrical Conformity (IMEC) is a certification mark equivalent to the Irish Standard Mark, though aimed specifically at the safety of electrical and electronic products. The Mark can be used only with the authority of NSAI.


IMEC covers all electrical equipment falling within the scope of the EU Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, which ensures that low voltage electrical equipment sold in the European Union provides a high level of protection.
IMEC has been notified to the European Union as the official Irish symbol signifying compliance with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive. Consequently, products bearing the Mark can be sold anywhere in the EU.

Which products qualify?

The IMEC may be applied to products that comply with:
  • Irish Standards
  • European Standards
  • International Standards
  • National standards harmonized with the above.
Because IMEC is applicable to these other European and International Standards, it is an especially valuable form of certification.

Irish Cable Mark

Businesses supplying or buying electric cables should note that a separate symbol should be displayed on the cable: the Irish Cable Mark. Cables certified to display the Irish Cable Mark will simultaneously be awarded the Irish Mark of Electrical Conformity.
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