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Wood Fuel Quality Assurance Scheme

Wood fuel is increasingly being used as a carbon neutral fuel for heating and, in some cases, combined heat and power applications. It is important that the customer receives wood fuel which is compatible with the requirements of their appliance whether it burns logs, pellets, chips or briquettes.

NSAI in association with the Wood Fuel Quality Assurance Group (WGQA), IrBEA, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), and Teagasc/COFORD launched National Workshop Agreement 4 (NWA 4:2009) which provides a framework for suppliers and manufacturers of clean wood fuel to assure the quality of their fuels.

For further details download the Wood Fuel Quality Assurance Scheme press release.

Under the scheme, NSAI will provide certification services to NWA 4:2009 and have published the following documents which give guidance for implementation and application:
Testing which is required by NWA 4 is facilitated by the Waterford Institute of Technology.
The NWA 4:2009 standard may be purchased from NSAI Standards Sales.

For further information on WFQA certification with NSAI please contact:

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