A device that works together with a signal generator to make a measuring instrument. This device measures duration, calculates distance on the basis of a signal delivered by the distance signal generator. Additionally, it calculates and displays the fare to be paid for a trip on the basis of the calculated distance and/or the measured duration of the trip.

Legal Tolerences

Indication Verification or In-service inspection
Distance ≤ 4 % in deficiency
No error in excess allowed
Time +/- 1 % of the elapsed time

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Trader FAQs

Inspection of taximeter seals
In 2015, Legal Metrology introduced new verification seals with enhanced security and tamper proof features. The purpose of these seals is to ensure that a taximeter is protected from tampering and interference that may render it inaccurate after the successful completion of a verification. The performance of these seals has proved satisfactory since their introduction and with the exception of changing the art work of the seals to coincide with the introduction of the new maximum fare in February 2018, there are no plans to change the seals at this time. 
A taximeter will fail inspection/suitability if the tamper proofing has been exposed or if there is evidence that the seal has been interfered with in any way. All taximeters that have failed the suitability test to date, due to seal issues, have seen evidence of tampering and/or interference.
If the owner / operator of a taximeter suspects that a seal has been fitted incorrectly, at the time of verification, it should be brought to the attention of Applus Car Testing Ltd. personnel immediately. Once the vehicle and taximeter leave the test facility it is the responsibility of the owner / operator to protect the integrity of the seal while in trade use.

Can I transfer my taximeter from one vehicle to another?
Yes, taximeters can be transferred from one vehicle to another provided that the taximeter is verified upon completion of installation into the vehicle. The transfer of a taximeter from one vehicle to another is deemed to invalidate the verification mark notwithstanding that any sealing or security arrangement remains unbroken or that the verification seal is still affixed or intact. Operating a taximeter after transfer without completing a verification is an offence that may lead to prosecution.

Are the seals on taximeters transferable?
No, the verification seals that are applied to taximeters are not transferable. These seals are tamper proof stickers that show your taximeter has been verified. It is an offence to tamper with these seals. Whenever an official seal is broken or removed to facilitate repair, alteration, transfer or adjustment of a taximeter, the mark must be destroyed immediately. Failure to do so may result in prosecution. The re-application of used seals is an offence and if found guilty you may be liable to prosecution.

My taximeter has been re-programmed. What do l need to do?
After re-programming of your taximeter it must then be verified before it can be used for trade. Operating an unverified taximeter is an offence.