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CCTV certification

NSAI now offers a certification scheme for CCTV installers, based on the EN 50132 series of Standards.

In September 2008, over 300 NSAI-certified CCTV installers attended a series of five NSAI workshops across Ireland to promote the new scheme.


I.S. EN 50132-7 (Part 7) is a fully fledged Irish Standard adopted in 1999. The CCTV Standard sets out guidelines for operational and system criteria, including:

  • How to determine the number and location of cameras
  • How to choose the camera and lens
  • How to select a video transmission system
  • How to configure the control centre
  • How to install, test and commission the CCTV system.

However, EN 50132-1 (Part 1) – dealing with system requirements – was only recently finalized, completing the framework of standards covering CCTV systems. It has not yet been adopted as an Irish Standard.

About EN 50132-1

This new Standard identifies over 100 basic requirements covering areas such as:

  • Technical security specifications
  • Video recording, transmission and display
  • Access rights and logging
  • Deploying CCTV systems in high-risk environments.

When a CCTV system is compliant with EN 50132-1, customers and security personnel can be reassured that the system is reliable, functioning correctly and tamper-proof.

Bridging the gap

As an interim measure until EN 50132-1 is adopted as an Irish Standard, NSAI has introduced a certification scheme. This focuses on systems requirements for CCTV cameras in line with Part 1 of the Standard.

Under the scheme, CCTV installation companies can be assessed against best practice requirements.


The assessment procedure involves a physical inspection of selected installations. We will also examine:

  • Contractual requirements
  • Training records
  • Calibration
  • Risk assessment
  • National wiring regulations
  • Manufacturers’ documentation.

The certificate

After an assessment has been successfully completed, NSAI will issue the CCTV installer with a certificate confirming that the company satisfies all requirements of the NSAI document, Inspection Criteria for Assessment of CCTV Installers.

Find out more

For further information contact:

Julianne Barnwell
Security Industry Administrator
T: +353 1 807 3858

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Dublin 9, Ireland

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