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Product Certification for Security Systems

NSAI operates a certification scheme based on Irish Standard I.S. EN 50131/1:2006 - Alarm systems, intrusion and hold up systems.

Under the scheme, NSAI inspectors assess the operations and procedures of alarm installers by:

  • Inspecting a number of their alarm installations
  • Comparing the results with the requirements of I.S. EN 50131/1
  • Bringing any anomalies or non-compliances to the installer’s attention
  • Specifying any necessary corrective actions
  • Reviewing the corrective actions.

When our inspectors are satisfied that compliance has been achieved, we will then grant the alarm installer an Irish Standard Mark Licence. This entitles the certified installer to use the Irish Standard Mark on and in connection with installations.

Benefits of registration

All installers who obtain a licence have their name listed in the Directory of Certified Intruder Alarm Installers, which is published at suitable intervals.

The licensee’s name is also passed to the Garda Siochána. They in turn will set up a system for responding to alarm activations from monitored installations put in place by the certified installer.

Insurance companies generally offer favourable premiums to householders and businesses whose installations are certified. NSAI keeps the insurance industry notified of all changes to the directory of certified installers.

After registration

NSAI will continually monitor the registered alarm installer to make sure they continue to comply with the requirements of I.S. EN 50131/1.
We do this by inspecting a sample of installations. We notify the licensee of any corrective actions necessary.
NSAI may revoke the certification of any installer whose installations regularly fall below the requirements of I.S. EN 50131/1.

Completion Certificates

All certified installers are required to issue a Completion Certificate with each installation.  The original Completion Certificate should be given to the client, with a copy provided to the insurer of the premises.  If the installation is monitored, a further copy goes to the nominated monitoring centre, so that the Garda Siochána can arrange to respond to any activations of the system.  
As certified installers are required to install only certified systems, all clients are entitled to receive a Completion Certificate. 

Note: I.S. EN 50131/1 replaces I.S. 199:1987 which was withdrawn on March 12, 2004.

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Security Industry Administrator
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