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PEFC certification confirms the sustainability of wood based products PEFC - Chain of Custody

In Ireland, PEFC is associated with the Irish Timber Growers Association. PEFC stands for “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification” and is a worldwide movement to ensure that users and purchasers of wood based products can be assured that they are buying from “non-controversial” sources. The main controversial sources would be illegal logging and deforestation (with associated destruction of fauna and flora habitats and reduced biodiversity). Deforestation is responsible for 20% of global carbon emissions and, through the removal of the trees; the organic mechanism that cleans the air of carbon dioxide is also impaired.

Ireland has to demonstrate that it is concerned not only about our own environment but that of others. Ireland’s record to date has been questioned and indicators would suggest that we are on the lower end of the scale of good practice in the European Union for the use of wood products with dubious provenance.

NSAI are now offering certification to PEFC so that organizations who use wood products from sustainable sources can declare this to their customers and the public. This “Chain of Custody” certification ensures confidence that, in the many process stages between forest and consumer (“tree to me”), sustainable product can be identified and managed.

In line with EU directives, the entire public sector must take steps to ensure that a minimum 50% of all materials in the so called “priority product groups” must be procured from proven sustainable sources – timber, wood and wood-based products are included in the list. International experience has shown that the corporate world has tended to follow public procurement policy closely in devising its Corporate Social Responsibility policies and many companies, such as B&Q and Marks and Spencer, have policies only to deal with certified suppliers.

Other industry groups throughout the supply chain may be interested, from saw and board mills to furniture and wood product manufacturers.

PEFC - Forest Management

Public accessible document

For further information and to download the Irish Forest Certification standard free of charge please go to

Please ensure you download a copy of the PEFC Chain of Custody standard direct from PEFC Ireland

NSAI also offer Certification to the European Union Eco Label schemes for Copying paper, Tissue paper, Wooden furniture and Wooden floor coverings.