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ISO 14064 – Greenhouse gases


One of the main uncertainties which faces us in the future in the extent and speed of climate change1.One of the ways we can influence this is by effectively controlling the emissions of greenhouse gases and improving our processes to be less carbon intensive.

NSAI offer services to verify an organisation’s emissions of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide equivalents. Using the specification for quantification of greenhouse gases at organisational level (ISO 14064-1:2006) or for projects (ISO 14064-2), NSAI’s technical experts verify the greenhouse gas emissions and the systems for monitoring and control. This process can be used to substantiate carbon footprint claims whether they be for the organisation, process or product unit.

NSAI offer baseline evaluations as well as on-going monitoring of emissions and the success of improvements. NSAI will provide organisations with a statement of the materiality of their emission claims and focus attention on continual improvement actions.

Continual Improvement is aimed at:

  • Accuracy
  • Transparency
  • Materiality
  • Relevance
  • Completeness
  • Consistency

Carbon Footprinting is normally verified in two stages:

  1. STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT: Confirmation of scope, source streams, processes, controls and risk assessment
  2. DETAILED VERIFICATION: Full review of data supporting the declared carbon footprint. The review may include sampling where there are many datasets. Key to the reported emissions is the selection of appropriate and best available sources of emission factors and breakdowns of greenhouse gases emitted.

NSAI will not provide a satisfactory verification when materiality exceeds 5%.

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