CQAI, NSAI – working together to improve construction management

NSAI is involved in a business-to-business partnership with Construction Quality Assurance Ireland (CQAI) to provide certification for the Irish building industry.

Twin standards

The joint project focuses on two specific international management system standards:

About CQA Ireland

CQAI was established in the 1990s to deliver management systems specifically to the construction sector. The organization operates in line with the International Standards Organization (ISO) General Guidelines and Standards. 

Most leading main contractors and mechanical/electrical contractors are registered with CQAI. Independent certification is provided by NSAI.

The aim of the partnership

CQAI and NSAI are working together towards the following goals:

  • To encourage greater adoption of quality and environmental management system standards
  • To promote the merits of a systems approach
  • To demonstrate the benefits of certification
  • To provide the wider construction industry with competent, confidential and value-adding services.

The benefits of quality management systems

A certified management system can help you to:

  • Reduce errors through focused problem-solving
  • Streamline production, the use of resources and the delivery of services
  • Cultivate a culture of ‘get things right first time’
  • Improve data analysis, performance measurement and target-setting
  • Strengthen communication, leadership and change management
  • Get the most out of training
  • Make sure that planning and review procedures are suitable, effective and focused on identifying new opportunities.

Contact us

For further information and advice about our construction quality management systems or to get a quote, contact NSAI Certification. 

Fergal O'Byrne
Operations Manager
Services Sector & Construction
T: +353 1 807 3962
F: +353 1 807 3844
E: Fergal.OByrne@nsai.ie

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