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Market surveillance is crucial for the smooth functioning of the Single Market. It helps to protect consumers and workers against unsafe products and general non-compliance while also protecting businesses from unfair competition by those who ignore the rules. The recast Metrology Directives 2014/31/EU and 2014/32/EU, coming into force in April 2016, restate the obligations for Member States to carry out market surveillance. Brexit places a greater emphasis on market surveillance of goods imported from the UK resulting in additional inspection activity to identify illegal or non-conforming products imported by those seeking to circumvent single market rules.

NSAI Legal Metrology is responsible for the market surveillance of measuring instruments used for trade. NSAI Legal Metrology also carry out statutory inspections on pre-packaged goods under the Packaged Goods Act, 1980 to ensure that the quantities contained within the pre-packages are correct. A large percentage of pre-packaged goods, particularly foodstuffs, are imported into Ireland from the UK and once the Transition Period ends all these products will be considered imported from a third country, with a consequent requirement for more robust market surveillance.