Do you use a UK Notified Body?

The EU Commission has advised that all EU product suppliers who rely on a UK Notified Body for certification of conformity to support their product declaration for ‘CE’ marking purposes, need to obtain alternative EU notified bodies in readiness for Brexit.

If you currently ‘CE’ mark your product under existing EU rules, you will be required to continue to do so post Brexit as existing EU requirements will continue to apply in Ireland.

The UK has indicated that on 29th March 2019 all UKAS accredited notified bodies will become ‘UK Notified Bodies’.  It also intends to bring in a UK equivalent to ‘CE’ marking and Irish business exporting will likely need to acquire this ‘UK’ marking to access the UK market.

What are Notified Bodies?

There are some product areas in which requires the intervention of a qualified third party, known as Notified Body, in the conformity assessment procedure.  Notified Bodies are typically a certification body, inspection body or test house.  There is a requirement that before a product can be placed on the European market, it must be certified by a body recognised as an EU Notified Body.

To be appointed a Notified Body, an organisation must meet the requirements as set out in the relevant Directive and must normally be established in a Member State and be designated by the Member State notifying authority for performing the conformity assessment tasks.

These Notified Bodies are appointed under and operate according to the specific national legislation which transposes the provisions of the corresponding European Directive.  These Directives apply throughout the European Economic Area (EEA).

To find out further information, consult the ‘Blue Guide’ on the implementation of EU product rules and the 10 Steps to CE Marking on the NSAI website

How can the NSAI Brexit Unit help?

NSAI are currently notified for a range of product types across the following sectors, Construction, Medical Devices and Metrology.

Contact the NSAI Brexit Unit at for any queries on standards and certifications and your business post-Brexit.