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Brexit Factsheets

NSAI's Brexit Factsheets are designed to provide concise and clear information about the potential impacts of Brexit on a number of business sectors. These factsheets are dynamic documents and will be updated as and when events unfold. They are not standalone documents, but they are intended to complement the Brexit guidelines and information prepared by other Government Departments and State agencies.

Here is our full series of factsheets:







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The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation have produced a Brexit Preparedness Checklist for businesses. The checklist sets out essential actions which businesses can take in advance of Brexit, to ensure that they will still be able to trade with the UK after it leaves the EU. The checklist also includes links to the agencies who can provide the relevant guidance and supports.

In October 2019, the Department of Housing published its Frequently Asked Questions for the construction industry. It is aimed at explaining the impacts of a 'No Deal' Brexit on the supply and use of construction products within the Irish construction sector.

The European Commission (EC) has issued a number of notices to businesses and manufacturers on how best to prepare for Brexit. These notices outline how Brexit would change law and policy across a wide range of sectors. The notices state that given the considerable uncertainties, manufacturers who sell to the EU Single Market should ensure that their certification remains valid post-Brexit. 

The full list of notices can be viewed here: European Commission > Brexit preparedness

In February 2019, the EU Commission published a set of Q&As on placing industrial products on the EU market, in the event of the UK leaving the EU without a ratified withdrawal agreement or transition period defined. 

It is available here.

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