Brexit factsheets

The NSAI Brexit factsheets are designed to provide concise and clear information likely potential Brexit impacts on a number of different sectors.  The factsheets are dynamic documents and will be updated as events unfold.  They are not standalone documents but are intended to complement Brexit guidelines and information prepared by other Government Departments and State agencies.

Current factsheets include:

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EU Commission Brexit Preparedness Notices

Commission Papers

Did you know that the European Commission (EC) has issued a number of notices to businesses and manufacturers on how best to prepare for Brexit?  These notices outline how Brexit would change law and policy in a wide range of sectors. 

The notices state that given the considerable uncertainties, product manufacturers who sell into the Single Market should ensure that their product certification remains valid after the withdrawal date. 

The full list of notices can be viewed here: European Commission > Brexit preparedness

EU Commission Q&As on placing product on the market

In February 2019, the EU Commission published a set of Q&As on placing industrial products on the EU market in the event of the UK leaving the EU without a ratified withdrawal agreement or ordered transition period. 

It is available here.

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