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The National Standards Authority of Ireland wishes to announce the launch of a period of public enquiry from the 7th of December 2012 until the 7th February 2013 on the following 2 Eurocode Irish National Annexes:


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Full details on these draft Standards and the mechanism for submitting comments is available from the NSAI Your Standards, Your Say on the following links:


Summary of public enquiry on Eurocode National Annex Parts

Draft revision to the National Annex to I.S EN 1991-1-4 


This National Annex has been prepared through the NSAI National Eurocodes Advisory Committee and is to
be used in conjunction with I.S. EN 1991-1-4:2005/AC:2010/A1:2010.

I.S. EN 1991-1-4 is intended to be used in conjunction with I.S. EN 1990, the other parts of I.S. EN 1991 and I.S. EN 1992 to I.S. EN 1999 (together with their respective national annexes) for design of structures.
This National Annex is based on the UK National Annex with the permission of the British Standards
Institution but supplemented by information relevant to use in Ireland.

The most significant change in the draft revision to the National Annex to I.S. EN 1991-1-4 is the addition of tables giving pressure coefficients for flat, monopitch, duopitch and hipped roofs. These are given in Tables NA.5 to NA.8 inclusive. These changes are as a result of amendment number 1 to I.S. EN 1991-1-4 which allowed for the provision of Nationally Determined Parameters for these elements of structure. This brings the Irish National Annex in line with the latest amendments to the Eurocode and co-ordinates the Irish National Annex with the corresponding UK National Annex. The advisory note, previously given in clause NB.3 of the Irish National Annex has now been omitted.

In summary, other changes within the 2012 revision include;
  • Correction of tabulated figures in some places within Tables NA.2, NA.3, NA.4 and NA.12,
  • Tables NA.9 to NA.12 have been renumbered to allow for the insertion of tables NA.5 to NA.8 inclusive,
  • Guidance has been given in Clause NA.4 in respect of additional design information for a number of special design situations,
  • The bibliography has been extended,
  • Throughout the document there have been a large number of minor editorial changes associated with the corrigenda to the code, clarification of items within the latest UK NA (which is a source document for the Irish NA) have been incorporated in this revision,
  • The format of the National Annex has been brought in line with the National Annexes to the other parts of the Eurocode suite of standards.

  • NA.1 Scope
  • NA.2 Nationally Determined Parameters
  • NA.3 Decision on the status of informative annexes
  • NA.4 References to non-contradictory complementary information
  • Annex NB (informative) Flowcharts for obtaining qp
  • NB.1 Flowcharts
  • Annex NC (informative) Additional Guidance
  • NC.1 Calculation procedure for the determination of wind actions (I.S. EN 1991-1-4, subclause 5.1)
  • NC.2 Combination of Orthogonal Loads


Draft amendment to the National Annex to I.S. EN 1995-1-1


This National Annex has been amended by the NSAI Timber Standards Consultative Committee through the
Eurocode 5 Task Group.

The NSAI Timber Standards Consultative Committee (TSCC) is currently engaged in a project to develop span tables for timber members (floor joists, ceiling joists, rafters and roof purlins) in buildings which will be will as document SWIFT 6.

The span tables are, in part, based on the information in the National Annex to I.S. EN 1995-1-1. However, during the development of these tables it became apparent that the National Annex lacked clarity in a number of areas.

The amendment now being introduced will give guidance on technical issues such as deflection limits for beams and vibration limits for residential floors.


  • NA.1 Nationally Determined Parameters
  • NA.1.1 Subclause - Assignment of loads to load-duration classes
  • NA.1.2 Subclause 7.2(2) - Limiting values for beam deflections
  • NA.1.3 Subclause 7.3.3(2) - Limiting values for vibrations
  • NA.1.4 Subclause - Design methods for wall diaphragms 

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