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Security Tips for holiday goers

The majority of reported crime in Ireland is common everyday crimes of burglary and theft. Recent figures show an increase in the number of burglaries occurring during the summer months, for example home burglaries rose from 5,798 in Q3 2007 to 7,194 in Q3 2009[1] - a staggering 24% increase.

Maurice Buckley, CEO, NSAI said, “It’s important to remind people to take precautions regarding their home security before heading away. It is a shocking fact that in a quarter¹ of all burglaries, the burglars don’t even have to use force, as most houses are not properly secured. NSAI wants to ensure that you enjoy your summer holiday, worry free, by adopting the following home security tips.”


  1. Common Sense Tips: Never leave keys under doormats, flowerpots, letterboxes or other “secret” hiding places. Burglars know where to look for hidden keys. Ensure that all valuables are kept out of sight, both upstairs and downstairs. Make sure to leave your keys with trusted neighbours and ask them to regularly check on your house. Inform your local Garda station that you will be heading away and leave them your contact details. Call the local Post Office and ask them to hold your mail for collection and postpone all other deliveries until your return, including milk.


  2. Certified Alarm Installer: If you have an alarm or are thinking about installing one, make sure it is installed by a certified company and that you have a maintenance contract in place so that it is serviced annually and continues to function correctly. NSAI operates a certification scheme based on the Irish Standard I.S. EN 50131‑1:2006 - Alarm systems ‑ intrusion and hold‑up systems. Consumers can check if a company or alarm installer is NSAI certified by logging onto


  3. Alarm Monitoring Company: If you have a monitored alarm system which, when triggered, transmits a signal or message to a monitoring station, ensure that company is licensed by the Private Security Authority.


  4. CCTV: A significant number of home owners are now installing CCTV systems as part of their home security. NSAI also operate a certification scheme for CCTV installers, based on the EN 50132 series of standards. This European wide standard for systems, customers and security personnel will insure that not only all events are monitored, recorded and indicated but also the system’s reliability, proper functionality and tamper protection, are taken care of. NSAI also recommends that the digital recorder system is in a secure location in your home and that it has been serviced before you leave on holidays.


  5. Light Timers: If heading out for a long period of time, make sure the house looks like it is being occupied by installing light timers.  Timers can be pre-set to turn lighting on and off at predetermined times.



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[1] Central Statistics Office ( ) 30th April 2010 ‘Recorded Crime Offences by type of offence and quarter’