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This is an entry from 2010. For the latest information on the Eurocodes, please visit our Construction Standards page.

The Eurocodes are a set of harmonised structural design codes for building and civil engineering works.

While the EN Eurocodes are the result of a long procedure of bringing together and harmonising the different design traditions across Europe, Member States still retain the exclusive competence and responsibility for the levels of safety of works. The differences in the environmental conditions and in the ways of life in the Member States also require flexibility in the National Application of the Eurocodes. For this reason Nationally Determined Parameters (NDPs) exist, these parameters are left open for national choice. Choices for each Part are contained in accompanying National Annexes.

A National Annex contains information to be used for the design of buildings and civil engineering works constructed in the country concerned, but is restricted to information which is left open in the Eurocodes for national choice and is within the limits cited in the Eurocode.

Full detail can be found by clicking the following link Implementation of Eurocodes in Ireland.

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