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Since publication of the National Annex to Eurocode 1 (I.S. EN 1991-1-1) in 2005, a number of further considerations have been brought to the attention of the NSAI National Eurocodes Advisory Committee (NEAC).  These include comments from users and a review of the Building Regulations Technical Guidance Document A dealing with structures (TGD A).

The most significant change in the 2012 draft revision is the addition of Non-Contradictory Complementary Information in respect of loading on partition walls and parapets.

In summary, other changes within the 2012 revision include

  • Table NA.1 has been clarified to distinguish between loads in areas of domestic activities i.e. rooms in houses and dwellings and loads for communal residential areas, i.e. hotels etc.
  • Table NA.5 has been extended and amended with more specific information given for parapet loading for different categories of use.  Some increases in loading has occurred for cases such as balconies and roof edges in houses and other residential units
  • Reference is also made to horizontal loads for areas of Category E, storage and industrial use. I.S. EN 13200-3 for horizontal loads for grandstands, sports halls and stadia is referred to
  • Non- Contradictory Complementary Information has been added in respect of the design of partitions and parapets. This relates to UDL and part loads applied to the infill and also to  applied vertical loads
  • A bibliography has been included referring to BS 6180 “Barriers in or about building”, I.S. EN 13200 “Spectator Facilities” and PD 6688-1”, which is a BSI document providing “Recommendations for the design of structures to BS EN 1991-1-1”
  • The format of the National Annex has been brought in line with the National Annexes to the other parts of the Eurocode suite of standards.

Full details on this standard and the mechanism for submitting comments is available on:

The period of comment will end on the 10th August 2012

Queries on this standard should be directed to Barry Smith