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Eurocodes Evolution | Phase 2 Tender Process opens call for experts

  • Deadline - 6 February 2017, 5.00pm

The Eurocodes are currently being revised to extend their scope, improve their ease of use and to reduce the number of national parameters.

This is a major project funded by the European Commission, involving engineering project teams working throughout Europe. The European Committee responsible for delivery of the project is chaired by Dr Steve Denton, Engineering Director, Parsons Brinkerhoff Ltd  and the Dutch Standards Body, NEN is managing the contract. 

The second phase of the project has now commenced with a public call for tenderers.  The call invites leading experts to submit proposals to participate in the 22 Project Teams being formed. 

Project Team scopes include:

  • Waves and currents        New Eurocode based on ISO 21650:2007 (new)
  • Atmospheric icing         New Eurocode based on ISO 21650:2007 (new)
  • Geotechnics            Substantial revisions to EN 1997
  • Composite (shallow floor)     New parts to EN 1994
  • Steel structures – fire        Revision of EN 1993-2
  • Wind loading             Revision of EN 1991-4 
  • Concrete             Additions to EN 1992-1
  • Timber                Revision EN 1995-1-1
  • Masonry            Revision to EN 1996-3

NSAI's Eurocodes Consultative Committee (TC 015), chaired by Jim Mansfield, Kavanagh Mansfield and Partners, monitors and contributes to the program and will be responsible for developing/updating the relevant national annexes.  However the committee will not be involved at Project team level.  The committee encourages experts interested in the detailed development work (i.e. working in a Project Team) to consider answering this second call for experts. 

Further details

Available at: Call for tender - Evolution of Structural Eurocodes

Additional support and information

Find out more about NSAI's Eurocodes Committee and how to get involved, contact