Please find below numerous documents relating to acceessing information at the National Standards Authority of Ireland.

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Freedom of Information Publication Scheme and AIE Requests

FOI Disclosure Log and other Information Published Routinely

The NSAI FOI Disclosure Log can be assessed below:

FOI Disclosure Log 2017

FOI Disclosure Log 2016

NSAI publishes an annual financial and activities report which can be accessed at Annual Reports and quarterly reports on prompt payments at Prompt Payments Statements.

Standards publications are available for sale through the NSAI on-line store at On-line Shopping and Catalogue.

Searchable registers are available for – 

  1. NSAI Certified Companies
  2. NSAI Agrément Certificates

Contact Details for FOI

In general, a person has a right to access information which is not otherwise publically available.  However, certain NSAI certification records are not subject to the FOI Act under S.I. No. 127 of 2001.  The exempt records are those related to certification carried out on request of a client in return for payment other than certifications carried out on behalf of a public authority which itself is subject to the FOI Act.

NSAI records subject to FOI include -

  • Management
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Commercial
  • Communications
  • Making of contracts of or for service with any person, company or other body
  • Making and development of policy
  • Certification (other than the exempt records)

Requests for information may be made by contacting the FOI Officer, 1 Swift Square, Northwood, Santry, Dublin 9, D09 A0E4 or or by downloading the FOI Request for Access to Records form. Return the form by email to

AIE Requests

NSAI is a public authority under the AIE Regulations (Access to Information on the Environment Regulations 2007 to 2014).  Requests for access to relevant records may be made by contacting the AIE Officer, 1 Swift Square, Northwood, Santry, Dublin 9, D09 A0E4 or by email to

Protected Disclosure (Whistleblowing) Policy