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- dedicated to Irish SME's

Small businesses play a vital role in the Irish Economy. Across Europe nearly 99% of all European companies are SME's employing almost 81 million people, providing 66% of Europe's total employment. In Ireland, almost 200,000 small and medium sized enterprises employ over 655,000 people. Therefore it is recognised that small businesses are a key contributor to the economy and are crucial for growth and employment.

Standards should form an important part of a company's strategy to remain competitive. In the current market where competition is fierce and resources are scarce it has never been a better time to use standards to:

  • attract and assure customers
  • demonstrate market leadership
  • create competitive advantage
  • develop and maintain best practice
  • open new market areas.

European and international standards are a way of getting acceptance of products & services in the ever increasing global market. NSAI is committed to helping SME's find out more about standards and to facilitate participation in standard development. This portal is developed to provide information to SME's about the benefits of standards and participation in the standard development process.

Article 6 of EU Regulation 1025/2012 Annual Report 2017

Get involved in Standards by contacting: NSAI SME

SME Portal Resources

The information is provided under the following hyperlinked headings:

SME Information Updates

Taking Care of Business

A free ‘Taking Care of Business’ one-stop-shop events for those who currently own or manage a small business or are thinking of starting a new business.

A range of State offices and agencies will give short presentations and answer questions about assistance available to SME business and key regulations.

The agenda for the event: TCOB Leaflet

The next TCOB event will be held Thursday October 8th in the Westcourt Hotel, Drogheda

Book to attend:


Horizon 2020 - #horizon2020irl

The European Union’s new €70 billion programme for research and innovation to create new growth and jobs in Europe. Find out how you can participate in this European programme to deliver excellent science, competitive industry and a better society for Ireland.

Read the programme for the launch and register today at

The timeline for Horizon 2020 can be found on Horizon 2020
Take a quick questionnaire to find out 'Do you need standards?'


StandarDays Information training

StandarDays Information training is held regularly in CEN-CENELEC, Brussels, Belgium.

It is aimed for those who want to find out more about the standardization system and how standards are developed. StandarDays give a clear and structured overview of the European Standardization System, of the CEN and CENELEC products and processes, as well as the benefits of involvement to potential stakeholders.

Find out about the European Standardization System and how CEN & CENELEC products are developed. What are the benefits for stakeholders in getting involved in developing European standards.

Full details & programme: StandarDays - Your chance to discover European Standards

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SME online educational tool

In 2012, the CEN/CENELEC SME Work Group agreed to develop an interactive online educational tool to enable SMEs to learn about standards and standardization in a way that corresponds with their own needs.

A project team was set up to develop an “eLearning tool for SMEs” and this project was co-funded with the European Commission.

As well as providing a means for SMEs (and others) to learn about standards and standardization, this tool can attract SMEs (and SME-representing associations) to engage with the NSAI thus being directly involved in the Standards Development process.

The eLearning tool is available on the CEN – CENELEC website

For further information on Standards and Standardization, please contact

SME Testimonials

Standardizers from Industry provide some feedback
on the benefits of participating in standard development

Fergal Madden, Cold Chon Ltd: '...familiar with standards before it came into the public domain...' Read more

Dr Michael Peirce, Daon: ' us an early to market competitive edge...' Read more

Michael McLaughlin, DecWave Ltd: '...attract customers and investment...' Read more

Ed. Gray, Drimroe Software: '..the more people that are involved the better the adoption rate..' Read more

Wm Egenton, Dromone Eng. Ltd: '..we've broadened our network & gained access to experts..' Hear more

Gerard Joyce, LinkResQ Ltd: '...a head-start in taking advantage of opportunities...' Read more

Search International Standard development committees

Find out what standard development committees are working on at CEN, CENELEC, ISO, IEC. Full lists of committees, their work programmes, the standards they have published and are currently working on can be accessed from the links below:

CEN – European Committee for Standardization
ISO – International Standards Organisation
CENELEC – European Committee for Electro- technical Standardization
IEC – International Electro-technical Commission

Getting involved in standard development

Participation in international standard development work is possible through NSAI. This can be done at a national level by participating in any of our National Standards Consultative committees or by being nominated as a technical expert to an international committee. Any queries regarding participation in standard development at a national or international level please contact NSAI Standards

Your Standards, Your Say

Your Standards, Your Say provides the full draft versions of indigenous Irish Standards, CEN European Standards and eventually CENELEC European Standards and International Standards, for public review and comment. For the Benefits of using Your Standards, Your Say and How to Login and comment.

Review and comment on draft standards in the following sector areas:

Building & Construction | Mechanical Engineering
Chemicals, Chemical Engineering & Food Products | Metallic Materials
Electrical Engineering | Non-Metallic Materials
Electronic Engineering | Products for Household & Leisure Use
Fundamental Standards | Services
Health, Environment & Medical Equipment | Transport, Mechanical, Handling & Packaging
Information Technology

Download - Review - Comment

Get the list of NSAI Standard Consultative Committees and Get involved in Standards development


  1. SMEs & Standards: Guide to the European Standardsization Process

  2. 10 Good Things ISO standards can do for SMEs

  3. Thousands of standards are sold each year
    Find out what were the Top Selling Standards of 2012

  4. Standardization for SMEs: Building on the benefits

  5. ISO 9001: What does it mean in the Supply Chain?

Purchasing Standards

Irish Standards are a valuable national asset. They can help you improve the quality, design and safety of your products and streamline your organizational procedures. NSAI develops and publishes Irish Standards for the benefit of producers and consumers alike.

  • Buy Standards online - view the details of many standards up to and including the standard scope

  • Standard Sales Leaflet

  • Tailored Update Service

  • Click to View

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CE Marking and Certification

Useful Links and Email Contacts

Here we have listed details of bodies and organisations that a SME may find useful incl. government, regulators and business support agencies.


The CEN-CENELEC SME Helpdesk is the one stop service point to introduce SMEs to the benefits of European standardization and to the business tools required to access the European Standardization System of CEN and CENELEC. In order better to address the questions raised to the SME Helpdesk, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is available. To send a question to the SME Helpdesk please email

Keep informed by joining the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC) LinkedIn Group to get the SME newsletter, notifications of events and coming soon the 'Toolbox of solutions'.

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News & Events

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