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SME Testimonial 03

NSAI SME Testimonial from Daon

Dr. Michael Peirce

Principal Research Scientist

'By being involved in the standards process we had clear visibility on which standards were being progressed and when they would be available. This allowed us to design our roadmap to support these standards in our products as soon as they became available, giving us an early-to-market competitive edge. By not only implementing the standards but helping to define them we were able to show a level of expertise and understanding that allowed us to better help our customers in their project design decisions. Many of the large-scale government projects that we are involved in mandate the use of standards, and our involvement in the standards setting process greatly aided our level of compliance and compatibility.

Customers will seek compliance with standards. It is valuable to not only have “early access” and visibility to those standards by participating, but also to be involved in defining the standards themselves and to demonstrate detailed expertise in the area.'

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