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NSAI/TC 15 - National Eurocodes

"The work involved in updating and developing the National Annexes for Ireland is undertaken by the Eurocodes Consultative Committee (NSAI/TC 015). NSAI/TC 015 is responsible for managing the ongoing work in all Eurocodes. In order to this there are 8 sub-committees under the remit of TC 015, each with its own specific section of the Eurocode to monitor. The list below outlines these sections, the Irish sub-committee that monitors each section and the European committee which the national committee mirrors.

Members of TC 015 actively take part in European meetings on Eurocodes to ensure that Ireland is represented and that any forthcoming changes to the Eurocodes are brought to the attention of the relevant committees immediately. The Eurocodes Consultative Committee and its sub-committees also develop and update National Annexes for Ireland."

The National Annex

A National Annex contains information to be used for the design of buildings and civil engineering works constructed in the country concerned, but is restricted to information which is left open in the Eurocodes for national choice and is within the limits cited in the Eurocode. A National Annex generally contains:

  • Values and/or classes where alternatives are given in the Eurocode 
  • Values to be used where a symbol only is given in the Eurocode
  • Country specified data (geographical climatic etc.) e.g. wind map
  • Procedures to be used where alternative procedures are given in the Eurocode.
  • Decisions on the use of Informative Annexes, and
  • References to non-contradictory complementary information to assist the user to apply the Eurocode.

European and International committee mapping

NSAI Committee Title CEN/ISO Committee Title
NSAI/TC 15 National Eurocodes CEN/TC 250 Structural Eurocodes
NSAI/TC 15/SC 1 Actions CEN/TC 250/SC 1 Eurocode 1: Actions on structures
NSAI/TC 15/SC 2 Concrete CEN/TC 250/SC 2 Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures
NSAI/TC 15/SC 3 Steel CEN/TC 250/SC 3 Eurocode 3 - Design of steel structures
NSAI/TC 15/SC 4 Composite Steel / Concrete CEN/TC 250/SC 4 Eurocode 4: Design of composite steel and concrete structures
NSAI/TC 15/SC 5 Timber CEN/TC 250/SC 5 Eurocode 5: Design of timber structures
NSAI/TC 15/SC 6 Masonry CEN/TC 250/SC 6 Eurocode 6: Design of masonry structures
NSAI/TC 15/SC 7 Geotechnics CEN/TC 250/SC 7 Eurocode 7 - Geotechnical design




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