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Safety Standards

Section 28 of the National Standards Authority of Ireland Act, 1996, sets out regulations governing “the safe use of commodities and safe practices”.

The Act empowers the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment to prohibit the manufacture, storage, supply, sale or exhibition of goods which fail to comply with the requirements of the relevant Irish Standards or their equivalent.

We list here the following Irish Standards that are subject to orders under Section 28, together with the title of the most recent Statutory Instruments whose scope they fall within:
  • I.S. EN 71 Safety of Toys. Covered by S.I. 32/1990 European Communities (Safety of Toys) Regulations,1990; and S.I. 458/1994 European Communities (Safety of Toys) (Amendment) Regulations, 1994
  • I.S. 148 Flammability and Labelling Requirements of Fabrics and Fabric Assemblies Used in Children’s Nightwear. Covered by S.I. 215/1979 Industrial Research and Standards (Section 44) (Children's Nightdresses) (Amendment) Order, 1979
  • I.S. 167 Electrical Appliances: Colour Code for Three Core Leads. Covered by S.I. 222/1969 Industrial Research and Standards (Section 44) (Electrical Appliances) Order, 1969
  • I.S. 168 Ventilation of Caravans and Mobile Homes. Covered by S.I. 111/1974 Industrial Research and Standards Act (Section 44) (Caravans and Mobile Homes) Order, 1974
  • I.S. 180 Rating and Dimensions of Electrical Socket-Outlets for Domestic and Similar Use. Covered by S.I. 322/1973 Industrial Research and Standards Act (Section 44) (Electrical Mains Socket-Outlets) Order, 1973
  • I.S. 209 Safety Requirements for Perambulators and Pushchairs. Covered by S.I. 212/1981 Industrial Research and Standards (Section 44) (Perambulators and Pushchairs) Order, 1981
  • I.S. 250 Safety Requirements for Children’s Cots. Covered by S.I. 232/1983 Industrial Research and Standards (Section 44) (Children's Cots) Order, 1983
  • I.S. 253 Toxicity of Pencils and Graphic Instruments. Covered by S.I. 231/1983 Industrial Research and Standards (Section 44) (Toxicity of Pencils and Graphic Instruments) Order, 1983
  • I.S. 401 Safety Requirements for Rewireable 13A Fused Plugs for Normal and Rough Use Having Insulating Sleeves on Line and Neutral Pins. Covered by S.I. 173/ Industrial Research and Standards (Section 44) (13 A Plugs) Order, 1987.

In addition, please note the following compulsory Irish Safety Standards:
  • I.S. EN 71-7:2002 Finger Paints: Requirements and Test Methods
  • I.S. EN 71-8:2003 Swings, Slides and Similar Activity Toys for Indoor and Outdoor Family Domestic Use.

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For the full text of any of the Statutory Instruments cited above, go to the Irish Statute Book and enter the number or title of the S.I. into the search engine of the site.

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