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OHSAS 18001 (ISO/FDIS 45001) Occupational Health & Safety Management

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20th February 2018

ISO C/S have announced that ISO 45001 will be published on 12th March 2018.

January 2018

As an aid to migrating from OHSAS 18001 to ISO/DIS 45001 NSAI have developed a technical questionnaire, or checklist, to assist you in your transition.  A pdf copy of this document is available to download here.  For an MS word copy please contact your NSAI auditor or CSR.

June 2017

NSAI held an interactive workshop to seek comments and views from participants on the draft ISO/DIS 45001.2 (DIS 2).
To read further information on this workshop and view documents used during this event please see our webpage Workshop on draft occupational health and safety management systems standard.


OHSAS18001:2007 is migrating to ISO 45001 

ISO Briefing notes on ISO 45001

NSAI Migration Policy OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001

NSAI Morning Briefing Presentation April / May 2016

The new international approach to manage workplace occupational health and safety

ISO/DIS 45001 is the first internationally recognized worldwide standard on Occupational Health and Safety that will enable organisations, regardless of context and size, to provide a safe and healthy workplace for their workers, visitors, contractors and other interested parties to prevent death, work-related injury, ill -health and to continually improve its OH&S performance.
ISO/DIS 45001 has been developed using the ISO High Level Structure for management systems.  This structure is aligned to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.
This structure will:-

  • Integrate with other management systems
  • Provide an integrated approach to organisational management
  • Ensure the organisation establishes clear policies which are compatible with the overall strategic objectives and direction of the organisation
  • Promote continual improvement across the organisation
  • Enable the organisation to address and manage risk in the workplace

What’s new in the international standard?

With the new standard you can ensure your health and safety management is aligned with the strategic directions of the organisation.  
The key changes in the standard focus on:

  • Context of the organisation
  • Understanding the needs and expectations of the worker and other interested parties
  • Leadership , culture and commitment
  • Polices linked to overall strategic objectives and direction of the organisation
  • Participation and consultation
  • Risk and opportunities
  • Performance evaluation
  • Evaluation of compliance
  • Management review

Public briefing sessions

NSAI hosted 4 morning briefing sessions on ISO / DIS 45001 countrywide in April & May 2016.
When the next phase of the standard process is finalised by ISO and the corresponding publication is issued we will schedule additional dates.  
These dates will be publicised on our website in the Training & Seminars section or you can receive information direct to your email by subscribing to the NSAI e-zine 


Existing OHSAS 18001:2007 certification

The importance of managing occupational health and safety is recognized by all interested parties: employers, employees, customers, suppliers, insurers, shareholders, contractors, regulatory agencies and the wider community.

The Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series of Standards (OHSAS) sets out the necessary requirements for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system.

NSAI is a member of SSIP in the UK - find out what this membership means for NSAI OHSAS 18001 certified organisations 
in the Construction Industry NSAI & SSIP

About OHSAS 18001:2007

Released in July 2007, OHSAS 18001:2007 is an updated edition of OHSAS 18001:1999.

For those familiar with the earlier version, the changes place greater emphasis on health rather than focusing primarily on safety. OHSAS 18001:2007 is also more closely aligned with the international environmental management system standard, ISO 14001:2004.

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Anticipating risk

In the past, occupational health and safety management tended to focus on the question of how to react to work-related incidents. In contrast, OHSAS 18001 sets out a preventative and proactive approach which involves identifying workplace hazards and assessing and controlling risk.

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Key elements

Some of the essential elements of the Standard include:
  • Developing OH&S policy
  • Planning
  • Implementing policy and plans
  • Checking for problems and taking corrective action
  • Reviewing management processes
  • Sustaining continual improvement.

Growing pressures on employers

Employers today confront bigger challenges than ever before, not least in the field of occupational health and safety where they face:
  • More rigorous health and safety regulations
  • Greater penalties for negligence
  • Rising compensation costs
  • Costly medical claims
  • Increasing rates of illness and injury
  • Pressure to retain workers and ensure employee satisfaction.

The benefits of OHSAS 18001

Organizations certified to the Standard report a range of benefits, including:
  • A reduction in lost working days
  • Fewer workplace accidents
  • Fewer medical claims
  • Recognition by insurers and regulators
  • A more disciplined approach to safety
  • Improved employee motivation, retention and satisfaction
  • Reduced legal costs
  • Less time and money spent on accident-related investigation and paperwork.

Workforce awareness

Employers who have adopted OHSAS 18001 report that it promotes greater employee awareness and understanding of health and safety at work.
Organizations which have attained registration through NSAI maintain that it leads to improved internal and external communications and a more disciplined attitude among employees to health and safety matters.

Relevant to all employers

The requirements specified in OHSAS 18001 are intended for incorporation into any OH&S management system. The Standard is relevant to all employers, whatever the size or nature of the business.
The Standard is complemented by OHSAS 18002:2000, the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Guidelines for the implementation of OHSAS 18001.

OHSAS 18001 registration

NSAI can help you register your OH&S management system to OHSAS 18001. We have a reputation for quality customer services and clear, open communication with our clients.

We allow for a flexible registration process tailored to individual requirements and schedules. We will rapidly assign you a lead auditor to help you identify clearly the individual needs of your organization.

Some organizations may choose to register their OH&S management system only to OHSAS 18001 as a stand-alone specification. Others may see advantages in integrating the Standard with other management standards such as ISO 14001, which provides a powerful framework around which OHSAS 18001 can be built.

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Download a copy of the NSAI OHSAS 18001:2007 detailed guide
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